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Ricehatersclub.com was started, believe it or not, due to a heated email exchange between two automotive fans. Richard is a big fan of the Ford Mustang but also owns a wide range of Japanese cars ranging from Mazda, Honda, Isuzu and of course Toyota. His buddy Sam, on the other hand, is a true-blue, All-American automotive car fanatic. In fact, Richard was under the impression that Sam was so pro-American cars and everything else Detroit that Sam refused to buy any car that had foreign parts. Of course, we all know how pointless that would be because almost all cars sold in the United States have a least a small percentage of their parts originating from outside the boarders of the United States.

A lot of this stuff actually comes from Mexico. The bordered towns between Mexico and the United States have a lot of factories that crank out automotive parts bound for Detroit. Aside from that, a lot of parts that go into your typical run-of-the-mill American sports car, muscle car or Sedan actually originate from Asia. People talk a big game about Chinese low quality but make no mistake about it, an increasing number of American companies source very basic parts from China as well as Southeast Asia. You really cannot deny or ignore the international and globalized nature of the American automotive industry. While the specific brands, backstories and histories of specific makes and models remain as American as motherhood and apple pie, you can bet that everything else is a bit slightly problematic. If you’re going to be a purist about it, there’s going to be some issues.

So Richard and Sam were arguing over email regarding the shortage of a truly American automotive place on the internet. It seems that the typical automotive fan platform is evenly split between imports from Germany, several parts of Europe, Asia and American cars. Richard suggested that he and Sam build an online platform so fans of American cars, regardless of where they come from in the world, can congregate and share very important resources and otherwise express their love for the distinct American personality and attitude of the typical American sports car. This was how ricehatersclub.com started.

Despite what the name might seem to imply, this website doesn’t really have hatred for anything produced by an Asian automotive brand. Instead, rice haters is simply a term of endearment for fellow American race car owners who might actually own Japanese cars, either as their primary cars or their secondary or weekend cars. Don’t let the name throw you off. In fact, the typical member of this platform actually owns at least one non-American sports car. It could be a Mazda, Isuzu, Toyota or Honda. It could also be a Volkswagen, Fiat, Audi or Porsche. This website is simply an online celebration of the distinct charms and appeal of your typical all-American sports car.

While disagreements and possibly heated arguments can and do break out, we’re united by our love and passion for everything about muscle cars.

Ricehatersclub.com was started, believe it or not, due to a heated email exchange between two automotive fans.

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