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If this is your first time to visit this website, congratulations! If this is your one thousandth time to visit our site, pat yourself on the back too. You have come to a very rare place because let’s face it, most of the other automotive resource websites on the internet are actually lacking in focus. They try to be everything to everybody all the time and it’s no surprise that a lot of makes and models that people would normally be interested in or get excited about seem to fall between the cracks. This happens quite a bit. Whenever a website tries to be some sort of portal for whatever subject matter category, whether we’re talking about clothing, food, or in this case sports cars and muscle cars, certain things get lost in translation. There might be so much content that the website really just does a lousy job at posting these materials, especially if they whole databases of products that people talk about and are excited over.

Accordingly, this website has a lot of room for improvement. You probably do not need us to tell you that. If you have been clicking through many of the categories here, it may appear that some are missing pages. Others might have bad links. Whatever the case may be this website, at least parts of it, is far from perfect. Please do us a favor and speak up if there are certain issues that appear to you, may it be that you’re trying to load a page and you come up with a “page not found” error. You need to report that. Also, if you are clicking from one link to another and the page seems to appear in a very weird way, do let us know. You are our eyes and ears as far us debugging this website is concerned.

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While we do have quite a bit of people who are passionate and eager about everything related to American automotive sports car engineering, we are pretty much stretched thin. We devote most of our time, effort and energy to creating content for this website. Given the tremendous amount of people who discover our website every single week, we find ourselves running around in circles trying to come up with the latest and greatest content that people would not only want to read, but also eagerly share on social media. As you can tell, our hands are pretty much tied and we have many fingers in many pies. This is where you can help us out. By simply using this website and spending some time in this platform, problematic areas may become readily apparent to you. You are definitely in a better position to identify these and contact us so we can get to the bottom of them.

We need your help. Please fill out the contact form below if you see something that is not quite right. If you’re clicking from page to page and pages won’t seem to perform normally, do let us know. Also, if you are viewing our content through some sort of mobile device, may it be a tablet or mobile phone, and you’re seeing materials that are not sized or rendered properly, do speak up. We consider all visitors to this website as potential quality control partners. Please help us take the quality of this site to the next level. was started, believe it or not, due to a heated email exchange between two automotive fans.

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